The devs have released Alpha 9.2.

Below are the release notes:

  • Server Queues
    • Auto-joins when there is room (Although that should be assumed.)
    • No limits on queues as many people as long as they want.
    • Queues split by public and reserve, reserve joins first.
    • No more wasted loading times. No longer loading to see “Server is full”.

Al Basrah

The first truly urban map in Squad it will be the opening salvo in a series of maps we have planned focused around dense urban centers. Al Basrah is unforgiving street to street combat where the US Army is forced to penetrate the dense neighbourhoods and multistoried apartment blocks bristling with AKs and RPGs.

Alpha 9.2 Changelog

  • New Map: Al Basrah
  • Added Server Queuing functionality to the Server Browser
  • Added New Russian Ammo Crate from the community (Many thanks to Rincewind!)
  • Fixed Ammo widget color transition is now more obvious (White > Yellow > Red > Black)
  • Fixed Tweaks to n-wheeled vehicle movement to make small adjustments easier
  • Fixed Hesco walls not having projectile collisions
  • Fixed Vehicle turrets and sounds staying around for several seconds after vehicle destruction
  • Fixed Yehorivka AAS v1 ammo crates below ground
  • Fixed Updated tree collisions on Kohat to stop vehicles and players getting stuck
  • Fixed minimum required view distance for the game to launch was set too low
  • Fixed projectiles sometimes incapacitating players in close proximity without detonating
  • Fixed some bullet penetration settings
  • Fixed Scoreboard End of Round issue
  • Optimized several shell ejection effects and improved performance on muzzle flash effects