Tuesday | July 25, 2017

Server Information

By joining any 303RD Community Squad Server, you agree to abide by all rules and guidelines set forth and recognize and respect the authority of the elected Administrative team tasked with managing it.

sportsmanship: an aspiration or ethos that a sport or activity will be enjoyed for its own sake, with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with one’s competitors.

Community Ruleset

Respect your fellow gamers, the admins and the 303RD community. Do not argue with admins. No offensive/inappropriate language. Be cordial and civil toward your fellow players. No harassment or trolling. No bigotry / hate speech. This includes, but is not limited to, bigotry based upon ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, and religion. Do not spam or hold disruptive arguments/discussions in global chat. ‘Spam’ includes a high volume of lines and/or repeated characters entered into chat. Staff will ask you to stop/take these conversations to private messages on our forums if you wish to continue. Having a negative, anti-social attitude can net you a swift kick from the server. Repeated incidents will net you a ban. Do not advertise your group/clan; only approved groups may advertise on the server. Do not impersonate other players or staff.

Code of Conduct

You must join a squad. Please use a mic. Follow your chain of command. Follow your SL; Squad Leaders, follow your CO. Do not abuse or shame new players. Do not intentionally TK anyone for any reason. Keep the fight away from main bases. Weapons safe in base (i.e no firing your weapons/throwing grenades). Play the objectives and do not drag your team’s effort down by purposely being a bad team player/SL. No locked infantry squads under 6 players. Dedicated vehicle squads must be named appropriately. Do not block access or exit around a FOB. Do not play obtrusive sounds via VOIP such as music or copyrighted material, those that stream or record can potentially have their accounts banned. Transport vehicles are not for individual transport. In-game VOIP exists for a reason, do not kick players from your squad if they are not using your preferred external communication software.

Terms of Service

The 303RD reserves the right to remove any users from their servers that violate any of the points stated in the Community Ruleset and Code of Conduct. The 303RD reserves the right to modify the Community Ruleset and Code of Conduct at any time.


No public accusations of rule-breaking. To report rule/code of conduct violations, use the Server Report form or contact a staff member via our Discord. We do not recognize the official Squad forums as a form of contact. Every player report will require filling out a form.


If banned, you can appeal it using our Ban Appeal form. A minimum of 2 months will be added to the original ban length for every account used to evade a ban on any of our servers. Any accounts used to evade a ban will be banned for the same amount of time as the original banned account. Admins reserve the right to add additional time depending on the circumstances. Only appealed bans will be lifted. At the time at which an appeal is allowed or afterward, a player may appeal for their other accounts to be unbanned, and if the “main” account is unbanned then the alts are as well depending on the situation. Bans for the alt accounts will include the name of their “main” account. No public discussion of bans on any medium, whether via the Squad forums, the server itself etc. if you are caught blatantly exacerbating a situation we will consider that as part of the issue, if you disagree with our ban you must come directly to us.


Community events will require an additional rule set to ensure community based items are followed. TBD.

Server Performance / User Experience

Have a server performance issue to report? Have some feedback for the server admin team? Use the Server Report form.